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The Bowers Group Vers 50 is a .50 caliber high-efficiency silencer. The Vers 50 is designed for use with calibers .510 and smaller up to 2200 FPS velocity. It is also suitable for any other slower rounds that will fit through the bore. (Full Power .50 Beowulf, .50 Alaskan, .450 Bushmaster, .458 Socom, .50 AE, 45/70, .510 Beowulf and .510 Whisper)

Vers 50 – $895 (with any standard insert)
Vers 50 – $995 all stainless baffle stack, which raises the upper-velocity limit to 2650 FPS

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The Vers 50 comes with the AIMS™ mount and accepts the Versadapt™ series of thread-adapting inserts. One standard insert is included with your purchase. The Vers 50 is 11.25″ long, nominally 1.7″ in diameter, and weighs 20 oz. (depending upon the insert) and now comes in a tumbled finish under matte anodizing.

The Vers 50 can be ordered with an optional all-stainless baffle stack, which changes the rating to 2650 FPS.

We have added the VWC .458 insert to the insert lineup. It is suitable for the Wilson Combat .458 Socom Rapid-thread muzzle brake ONLY. Bowers Group LLC is not affiliated with Wilson Combat, this is a product our clients have asked us to make to interface with one of their many fine products.

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.17 HMR, .17 WSM, .22 LR, .22 MAG, .22 TCM, .45, 22 Hornet, 300 Blackout, 45/70, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 5.7 FN, 50 AE, 50 Alaskan, 50 Beowulf, 510 Beowulf, 510 Whisper, 9 mm


4 reviews

  1. jim navarro

    I purchased the VERS 50 in 2013 for a single shot 50 caliber project that never materialized. It sat in the safe for a few months until I realized I had a perfectly good M11\Nine that was being shot all the time. I looked at the various weapons that I had laying around and purchased a number of adapters. I have shot the VERS 50 on 9mm. 7.62×25, 38/357mag, 45 acp, 300 black, and finally where it shines on the 50 Beowulf. This can makes the 50 Beo very tolerable, from 350 gr to 600 gr it makes it a pleasure to shoot them all , even on full auto. I have had too many cans over the years and this is one of the most versatile ever. I recommend this to many customers for simple versatility. Most end up buying or building a large bore AR after they acquire this can. Buy with confidence and enthusiasm.
    Jim at SCM Research, Sparks, Nv

  2. Alex Noll

    I’m tickled pink over my upgraded stainless VERS50 . I purchased it for my wildcat 45raptor shooting a 300grn .452 bullet at 2400fps from a 18″ barrel.
    Since then, I’ve shot 9mm, 45acp, 300AAC, sub and super 44mag, 7.62/308, 45raptor and soon to be 45/70 through it. By far, it quiets a weapon more than any other suppressor I’ve used- I’m sure because of it’s volume. It makes a subsonic 300gr 44mag sound like suppressed .22.
    Makes a full house 170gr .308 a big “whooof” and is hearing safe, in my opinion. I’ve shot it on AR15’s, LR308’s, an FNAR, lever guns, bolt guns- you name it. Super happy.

  3. Russell White

    Fantastic suppressor. I use it for my 458 SOCOM. Reduces recoil and noise very well.

  4. Full.Lead.Taco(youtube)

    I bought this VERS 50 suppressor a few years back when I was doing a single shot 50 Alaskan project (shooting 50 bmg bullets in a 50 alaskan case). This suppressor was at the right price point and seemed to be the ticket. Since my original project of the 50 alaskan, I’ve used this on my 50 beowulf, 500 S&W single shot Handi Rifle, and now my new 500 Socom. I love it! Top notch customer service with a top notch product! Fulfills my 50 cal sub needs and helps tame some of the supers. Also works well on the 458 socom and 45-70!

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