Vers 45

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The Bowers Group Vers 45 is our .45 ACP submachine gun and carbine silencer, rated for heavy fully automatic fire in .45 ACP. The Vers 45 features an advanced baffle stack and is quite popular with those who want the utmost in versatility due to the larger bore size.

Vers 45 – $535 (with any standard insert)
Vers 45 – $640 (with Uzi insert)
Vers 45 – $665 (with 3-lug insert)
Blackout +$100 add to above at time of order (specify in order)

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This silencer is also suitable for 9mm and subsonic .30 caliber applications such as the .300 Whisper and .300 Blackout. It is 11.25” overall and 1 3⁄4” diameter. It is strong and light, weighing approximately 18 oz. (varies depending on the selected insert). The matte anodizing is applied over a tumbled finish.

Standard version rated for pistol caliber velocity. Blackout version rated from 22oo FPS and slower.

The Bowers Group Vers 45 features the proven AIMS™ Adapter Integrating Mount System, which comes with one Versadapt™ thread adapter of your choice. Additional inserts may be ordered separately.

Please consider the purchase of a Griptastic™/SUPCOV™ high-temp insulating silicone silencer cover for use with this silencer. Any of our 1.75” diameter covers are appropriate for the Vers 45. Model GT1.75X10.5 will provide full coverage.

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.17 HMR, .17 WSM, .22 LR, .22 MAG, .22 TCM, .45, 22 Hornet, 300 Blackout, 45/70, 5.7 FN, 9 mm


3 reviews

  1. Mike

    Ive had my CAC45 for about 3 years, ive used it on everything from 22lr to 458 socom. Works amazing on anything fixed barrel and theres an adapter for near anything out there. I 100% would recommend and have recommended anyone to add an awesome can to their collection.

  2. Jeff DeSwarte

    I purchased this can for application on a M10 .45 SMG and WOW! It tamed a beast of a gun and added control to the uncontrollable. No need for hearing protection either. I can’t wait to try it on my 9mm variant (Still in NFA jail). In addition, I purchased the Griptastic cover and after dumping a few mags at full auto, the cover is just warm! If you want a can cover that will withstand mag dumps or full auto, look no further, the Griptastic cover is it. Lastly, the folks that I spoke with at Bowers couldn’t have been more accommodating. Just overall nice people. Kind of refreshing in this day of poor customer service.

  3. Dean Lutz

    I bought the VERS 45 about 2 years ago along with the GRIPTASTIC™/SUPCOV™ silicone cover. It absolutely tame the muzzle climb and the noise suppression is unbelievable quite. Doing 8 mags in a row the cover only gets WARM not hot. With an M10 course threads you need to grip the suppressor to keep on tight. This setup allows you to have complete control. Burst fire is so much easier and helps to stay target. Thanks Tom. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

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