How To Buy Our Silencers

Whether you or your dealer places an order, the most efficient and timely way will be to use email.
It’s quick and easy.
Everything is always in stock here; we have no control over anyone else’s stock levels or ordering.
There are two ways to buy from us. You can order direct, and we can ship it to the dealer of your choice. If you don’t have a dealer, you can supply us your name, phone, email, and address and what can you’d like to get with what insert, and we can help find one for you.
You can have your dealer order for you. It’s very important that you mention that we don’t have a “minimum buy-in” and that they can order just the silencer you want without any other obligation.
Not every dealer will order things; you may have to shop around, or again, we can help find one for you.
  • Phone

    Call us at (503) 992-8697: Monday – Friday 9am-6pm PT, Saturday 10am-4pm PT

  • Email

  • Address

    Bowers Group LLC: P.O. Box 430, Cornelius, OR, 97113