Its Bite is Worse Than its Bark


The Bowers Group Wardog K9 is the shortest hearing-safe wipeless dry 9mm/300 Blackout silencer in the world.

At 1.7 X 4.3 inches long, it weighs in at a featherweight 7.8 ounces but is still rated for heavy full auto fire with both 9mm and 300 Blackout, both subsonic and supersonic.

You can expect it to be hearing safe on 16″ .300 Blackout rifles that are set up correctly. In shorter barrel lengths firing .300 Blackout, it will not be hearing safe, but will be significantly better for fighting with than no silencer, and will work well enough that it will keep you from being stunned by your own gunshots in a small room even with a very short barrel. You’ll want to use hearing protection when training with shorter barrels.

It’s very good in 9mm PCCs, and we’ve tested it to safe levels all the way from 16″ down to an HK MP5 host using our three-lug insert. Host guns matter and are not all created equal. When your host is as short as an MP5, hearing safety will become ammo dependent, so add hearing protection when training with really short barrels.

As with all silencers, trust your ears. If it’s uncomfortable with your location/host/ammo, add more hearing protection.

If you need more suppression performance, you’ll also need a bigger silencer. Our Vers 9S Blackout or Vers 375 are both exactly twice as long and have significantly higher performance. However, they’re exactly twice as long. If you want as absolutely short as you can get away with, it’s the Wardog K9 for the win.

*Includes one standard Versadapt™ insert


  • Weight:
    • 7.8oz
  • Length:
    • 4.3 in. (109mm) x 1.7 in. (43mm) Dia.
  • Material:
    • Stainless, Aluminum
  • Mounting: Direct thread
  • Rating: .375 cal bore
    • 9mm
    • 300 Blackout
    • No barrel length restrictions