Quiet Versatility™

Easily change the thread pitch on your silencer by changing the insert.

Versadapt™ and ATAS™ Thread Adapting Inserts: These proven systems have been standard on all Bowers silencers for many years now.

We use a physical mount attached to the rear of the silencer tube in compliance with Federal law. The mount is threaded internally; thus, the silencer may be used with or without the thread-adapting inserts. We also have accessories available for use with both of our insert systems.

There are two form factors. The ATAS™ inserts are very small and are only used on Bowers Group ASP .45 pistol silencers, Paradigm .22 silencers, and USS .22 silencers. The Versadapt™ inserts are significantly larger and are used on everything else. Due to the larger form factor, there are many more thread options available among the Versadapt™ inserts. Due to the difference in size, the two systems are not interchangeable.

Each Bowers Group silencer is sold with one insert of your choice, included in the price of the can. These thread adapting inserts are CNC crafted from billet and feature a hexagonal head so you can quickly and easily change the thread pitch on your silencer by changing the insert. This enables you to use one silencer on many different firearms. Our integrated systems, using our exclusive inserts, allows you to accomplish this without using a separate aftermarket thread adapter of questionable concentricity or thread quality and reduces the number of threaded junctions and length. This minimizes tolerance stacking and avoids the introduction of sub-optimal parts into the precision we build into every can. All except the most physically unique inserts are laser engraved on the face of the hex for easy identification.

Every silencer comes with one insert included. Any order placed which includes an additional insert will receive a free wrench ($10 when ordered separately). This is a double ended wrench; one fits the Versadapt™ inserts, while the other fits the ATAS™ inserts. The ATAS™ end will also fit the mount and front cap for the USS .22 silencer.

We have responded to client requests by continuously adding a variety of inserts, many of which are most commonly used on pistols. Please keep in mind that the Vers series cans (pronounced “verse”) are high-volume cans engineered for heavy full auto fire using the rated cartridges and therefore are not light enough to allow traditional semi-automatic pistols to cycle. Thus, while it is perfectly safe to also use any of these cans on a pistol, it will be comparatively large, and the shooter should expect to operate the slide manually. While the system is extraordinarily versatile, we are still constrained by the laws of physics.