Paradigm .22 LR

These wonderful little cans are small, very high-performance .22 LR silencers for pistols and rifles. The Bowers Group Paradigm .22 silencer is machined primarily from billet aluminum and comes standard with an ATAS™ mount and one included insert in 1/2×28.

Paradigm  – $450

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This silencer weighs in at just over 2 ounces with a 1/2X28 insert. It is nominally 1” in diameter and 5” long.  The standard tube color is matte black, but you may order these with a matte Man-Genta Royal Purple, matte Snappy Bubble Gum Pink, or a matte Party Blue tube at the same price if you desire.

The Bowers Group Paradigm silencer is not intended for fully-automatic fire; it is intended to be as small and light as we can make it and still achieve world-class performance. The Bowers Group ICON silencer is significantly heavier and longer can be readily disassembled and is suitable for heavy full automatic .22LR fire.

Inserts are available for most of the popular import .22s such as the Walther P22, G22, M&P22, PPK/S .22, Colt/Umarex 1911/22s, GSG and Sig 1911/22s, factory threaded Sig Mosquitos, and Sig P226/22 (The Universal Wrench will work on all those pistols at the time of this writing.)


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