UZI 22 Extractor 3-Pack

Limited stock. Once they are gone, that is it.

Three Pack Uzi .22 extractors


We started making these years ago after they hadn’t been made for years, and everyone who actually shot their Uzi 22 kits had broken extractors. We bought a kit, we engineered a replacement extractor that was superior to the original and offered them for sale. Everyone was able to get their kits running. That was the goal. We didn’t bother going into the R&D, didn’t mention high-speed camera testing and analysis or anything else, just “here, we made these; they’re better than the originals.”

Everyone was able to get their broken kits running. Subgun Ordnance did several hundred improved .22 conversion kits using them. Then there are a couple of other people making these things as if there’s room to make actual money, let alone to compete, on a super niche product like this. So, we sold out our stock and quit making them. Apparently, they finally sold out their stock, realized there was no money in it, and they stopped making them as well.

These are only available because a gent bought a hundred, which was what we wanted as a minimum order. He told me he wasn’t going to sell any, so we went ahead and made a few extras for general public sale. That’s what these are. So, if you want access to the good stuff, here it is again. Buy it while you can; we probably won’t make more.