MAC Adapter

  • Available for M10/45, M11/9-M10/9, and the M11/380


Now, you can use your factory MAC-type submachine gun silencer with the Versadapt™ insert system!

This adapter takes all of our standard Versadapt™ inserts in the host firearm end, and the output end is MAC-type submachine gun. The hot tip is to Loctite it into your factory MAC-type can then use the Versadapt™ inserts to switch things up to your heart’s content. And yes, it’s engineered to take our M10/45 insert and has the room necessary for your barrel to fit into. The benefit of doing it this way is that when you’re using it on anything else, you’re not hindered by the presence of the horrible MAC-type threads and don’t have to hold onto the can to keep it from unscrewing as it was originally designed.

Available for the M10/45, M11/9-M10/9, and the M11/380 factory silencers. Get the versatility of the Versadapt™ in your old subgun silencer.