CFFS Fake Silencer / Barrel Extension

NOTE: The photo is not representative; this product has a matte finish. 

This is a link to the Versadapt™ inserts


If you’re in the market for a fake silencer or barrel extension, look no further. These are convincing, thick-walled aluminum replicas of our old CAC-series submachine gun silencers. The same quality and attention to detail go into these, as do our real silencers. The outer profiles are identical to a real silencer, from grooves where the front cap and mount would meet the tube to the anodized finish, precision-turned exterior, and laser engraving. This unit requires the use of a Versadapt insert, which you order separately to match the thread pitch on your host firearm.

These substantial units are dimensionally accurate. The dimensions are 8.5 inches long, 1.7 inches in diameter, and a weight of nineteen ounces. They are suitable for heavy full-auto fire with anything through 5.56mm NATO.