AIMS™ Flash Hider/Brake

NOTE: The photo is not representative; this product has a matte finish. 


Available in 9mm as the Model FHB 9, in .45 as Model FHB 45, and in .50 (all rated to 300 Win Mag) as Model FHB 50, this addition to the AIMS™ mount family is a highly effective muzzle brake and flash hider combination. Suitable for heavy full-auto fire with any pistol-class cartridge, it will also serve you well on semis. Use it in conjunction with any of the Versadapt™ inserts sold separately except for Versadapt™ Wilson Combat.

The FHB 45 will work with rounds through .458 diameter. The FHB 50 will work with rounds through .510 diameter.

Nominal dimensions are 1.7” OD, 2.75” long.

FHB 9 $95
FHB 45 $95
FHB 50 $95