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  • If you’re in the market for a fake silencer or barrel extension, look no further. These are convincing, thick-walled aluminum replicas of a real CAC-series submachine gun silencer. The same quality and attention to detail goes into these as does our real silencers. The outer profiles are identical to a real silencer, from grooves where the front cap and mount would meet the tube, to the anodized finish, precision turned exterior and laser engraving. This unit requires the use of an AIMS™ system insert, which you order separately to match the thread pitch on your host firearm.

    CFFS – $75

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  • FHB 9, FHB 45 and FHB 50

    Available in 9mm as the Model FHB 9, in .45 as Model FHB 45 and in .50 (rated to 2200 FPS) as Model FHB 50, this addition to the AIMS™ mount family is a highly effective muzzle brake and flash hider combination. Suitable for heavy full-auto fire with any pistol-class cartridge, it will also serve you well on semis. Use it in conjunction with any of the standard Versadapt™ inserts sold separately (it’s too short for use with the Uzi insert).

    FHB 9 – $75
    FHB 45 – $75
    FHB 50 – $75


    FHB 9 $75
    FHB 45 $75
    FHB 50 $75

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  • The Bowers Group 3-lug insert is designed to work with any Bowers subgun/carbine silencer with an AIMS™ mount. This includes all Vers series and late model/retrofit CAC & PAS series of suppressors.

    Bowers Group 3 Lug Versadapt™ Insert – $175

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  • Bowers Versadapt™ inserts are for use with any of the Vers series and later model or retrofitted CAC and PAS silencers. These inserts are also the appropriate choice for use with our CFFS faux suppressor and any of our FHB flash hider/brakes. See below for the list of inserts and specifications.

    Versadapt™ Inserts – $45 (Unless otherwise stated)

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  • If you leave your Bowers Versadapt™ inserts on your guns then you need to protect the threads from becoming damaged. The Versadapt™ Thread Protector threads onto the VERS insert and keeps them from becoming damaged.

    Versadapt™ Thread Protector – $22

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Showing all 5 results

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