The “S” Stands for Short


The Bowers Group Vers 9S is a small, high-efficiency 9mm subgun and carbine silencer rated for heavy, fully automatic fire in that caliber. While this silencer is suitable for 9mm, it’s great for subsonic and supersonic .30 caliber applications such as the .300 Whisper or Blackout and will also provide excellent service with smaller rounds such as the .380 ACP.

This silencer has our latest, most advanced subgun baffle stack and now has a matte Cerakote finish. The Blackout version is rated for 2200 FPS and is suitable for supersonic 300 Blackout.

It is nominally 8.6” overall and 1.7” in diameter. It is strong and light, weighing approximately 15 oz., (varies slightly depending on the selected insert).

The Bowers Group Vers 9S features the proven AIMS™ Adapter Integrating Mount System, which comes with one Versadapt™ thread adapter of your choice. Additional inserts may be ordered separately.


  • Weight:
    • 15oz
  • Length:
    • 8.6 in. (218 mm) x 1.7 in. (43mm) Dia.
  • Material:
    • Stainless, Aluminum
  • Mounting: Direct thread
  • Rating: .380 cal bore
    • .380 ACP
    • 9mm FULL AUTO
    • 300 Blackout
    • 6.8 SPC
    • 6.5 Grendel
    • No barrel length restrictions