SIONICS-type Wipeless Silencer Conversions & Upgrades

SIONICS conversions consist of removal of the existing baffle stack and installation of a modern baffle stack and a wipeless end cap.


SIONICS conversions consist of the removal of the existing baffle stack and the installation of a modern baffle stack and a wireless end cap.

This service is available for SIONICS and Military Armament Corporation, SWD, and RPB silencers only. We do not work on Qualified brand silencers. Converted cans come under our service policy and are supported going forward as if we made the silencer ourselves. The price is the same for all calibers, and this service is offered for all calibers.

Note: 1.625” OD front tubes are rare. We will not work on cans with 1.625” OD front tubes without authorization to replace the front tube. Due to the extra parts and labor, 1.625” OD front tubes will cost an additional $125.