Frequently asked Questions

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What are your phone hours?

9am-6pm Mon.-Fri. and 10am-4pm Sat. Pacific Time. If you call and reach our voice mail please leave a message. We’ll call you back as soon as we can. If we don’t answer immediately it’s usually because we are assisting another customer.

How much should I add for shipping?

All of our prices are delivered. There are no shipping charges unless you request a special service. We ship Monday through Friday, most often via US Priority Mail.

I am an individual. Can I buy directly from you?

Yes, we sell directly to the public as well as to dealers. We make every attempt to find a dealer convenient to you who already has the item you want in stock. When that isn’t possible we are happy to take your order and work with your NFA dealer or help you find one.

When you purchase directly from us we cut a check to the transfer dealer which reflects the dealer discount for your order, as if they ordered through our dealer program. This policy is intended to save you, the customer, additional transfer fees and also protect our dealer pricing program.

In rare cases, if you are an Oregon resident we will provide transfer services. Please call us at 503-992-8697 with any questions.

Do you have dealer pricing?

Yes. If you’re a dealer and would like information on our dealer programs, please go to the “Contact Us” link above and either call or email us to ask for a dealer package. You don’t have to have your SOT yet to take advantage of dealer pricing. Please call or email for more information..

Do you have a Demo or Range program?

No, at this moment we currently do not. However, it might return in the future.

Do you have a minimum Dealer buy-in?

No. Dealer demographics vary greatly across the country. We’d rather work with a dealer to ensure that they are ordering what they need, rather than tying up their capital.

Do you have a retail store?

No. Our primary focus is on manufacturing. Our rare retail transfers are done by appointment only.

Where can I find more information about inserts?

We have an overview available here.

Are your suppressors user serviceable, can they be taken apart for cleaning?

We have a lot of years in the business and the “need to clean” a silencer has been greatly overblown by folks on the internet. The architecture of our silencers won’t require frequent cleaning – a little dirty makes them quieter and build up tends to blow out when you shoot.

We do recommend that you make sure to wipe your barrel threads and make sure there isn’t debris on the internal threads of your inserts prior to installing your suppressor on your host firearm.

Our Vers series of silencers feature an asymmetrical baffle stack which can be challenging to orient correctly (incorrect alignment will negatively impact performance). The Vers suppressors can be taken apart through the end cap with no special or proprietary tools a simple spanner wrench will work.

Our USS .22 silencer is user serviceable and comes with instructions on how to care for/clean the silencer.

The Paradigm .22 silencers and the ASP .45 pistol suppressor are sealed cans.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Your time has value and lead can be dangerous. Regardless of whether or not the Bowers Group silencer you purchase can be taken apart it’s quicker and easier and safer in terms of lead exposure to simply take a few minutes to send your silencer back to us for cleaning or service.

All of our silencers fall under our service policy. If you get a baffle strike, shoot up your end cap or lead up your suppressor you can send the silencer back directly to us for repair. Turnaround time on service is usually 2-3 shop days. Details can be found on page 2 of our retail catalog. We charge a nominal amount to cover our return shipping and insurance. Parts and labor are free for regular service/repairs.

One Silencer For All?

We understand that folks want to be able to use one silencer for a multitude of platforms. This is why Bowers Group was the first to offer a solution to be able to quickly & easily change the thread pitch of your silencer. It will never become a paperweight, but can be used on many different platforms as long as the silencer is rated for the velocity of the ammo being used and the bullet is appropriate for the bore size of the silencer.

Nearly all of our silencers can be used with several different calibers. If you have questions about the rating of your silencer please give us a call at 503-992-8697 or email us and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Keep in mind when purchasing a suppressor that the best performance will be achieved if you are able to use subsonic ammunition. Bore size will matter to a degree. If you are mainly planning on shooting .22 then look at getting a dedicated .22 silencer. While you still can run .22 through our Vers 50, as an example, you’d be shooting a very small round through a bore that can pass a .510. Purchasing a Bowers Group suppressor will give you unparalleled versatility but we are not yet so awesome that we have conquered the laws of physics.